"The Chicken Whisperer"

Can-Am Farms (Oliver’s Organic Eggs) is owned and operated by Oliver and Shauna Aeschlimann of Frankfort, NY.  Can-Am is short for Canadian American, it was chosen for the farm's name because Oliver was born in Canada and Shauna is American.

We have 2,800 NOFA-NY certified organic, free-range hens. Our hens have access to outdoor pasture and spacious indoor housing. We have raised most of our chickens since they were day old chicks and all of our hens have always lived their lives cage-free. Much of the feed the hens eat comes right from grain we produce on our farm.

Does pasture living and soy-free,organic grain really make a difference in the nutrition of the eggs you may wonder...It does, we recently had laboratory tests conducted to determine Vitamin E and Omega 3 levels in our eggs and the results were astounding. There are 2.14 IU of Vitamin E per egg & 2.53g of Omega 3 per egg. 

 (Northeat Laboratories, Inc. 129 Mill St. Berlin, CT 06037 - 05/12/2017)

Please check out our scorecard rating on The Cornucopia Institute or try our eggs for yourself and taste the difference.


Shauna and Oliver Aeschlimann

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